Irish military heritage foundation come to Ballygraffan

Horses for People were honoured to be selected to represent veteran support services in NI by hosting a visit from Irish Military Heritage Foundation. Attended by the NI Veterans Commissioner, Danny Kinahan and his team and the main organiser, Liz Brown and her team from the NI Veterans’ Support Office (VSO), many past participants from the Back to Grazing workshops at Horses for People attended to demonstrate some of the exercises undertaken during their workshop and to explain the benefits that they had received.

Horses for People - Ireland's Military Story
NI Veterans’ Commissioner, Danny Kinahan with Maurice.
Photos courtesy of Ireland’s Military Story

The Northern Ireland Veteran Commissioners Office (NIVCO) and the VSO work collaboratively for the representation and delivery support of services to veterans. The VSO are the lead support and signposting service linking individual veterans, veterans’ groups and their families to available support.

It was a beautiful day for filming and June Burgess explained for the cameras how Horses for People run Equine Assisted Learning workshops focussed on building confidence, self-esteem, resilience and more harmonious relationships. Working closely with Inspire Wellbeing, Horses for People has had particular success with veterans suffering from mental health problems through equine therapy.

Horses for People - Irish military heritage foundation come to Ballygraffan

The Irish Military Heritage Foundation created the Ireland’s leading military history channel, Ireland’s Military story which brings to life Ireland’s colourful and complex military past and focusses on the personal aspects.

The Foundation were so impressed with the participant’s stories, the setting and the demonstration that they have asked to return to Ballygraffan in the spring to record a full-length programme about the benefits of the Back to Grazing programme.

Horses for People - Ireland's Military Story 2