June Burgess Named Duchess of Cornwall’s Country Champion

June Burgess has been named as the Duchess of Cornwall’s Country Champion along with 11 others from across the UK.

As part of her role guest editing the 13th July 2022 edition of Country Life, the Duchess has chosen people associated with country pursuits including a wine producer, a bee master and TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

June found herself among esteemed company this year based on a visit the Duchess made to her farm outside Comber in May 2021.

‘Without exception, everyone was so touched and uplifted by her genuine interest. None of us had any idea that she would be so warm and engaging,’ June says.

‘The Duchess’s seal of approval gave me such a personal boost that it has inspired me ever since.’

June runs a unique equine therapy company which specialises in adults only and helps to retrain eventing and racehorses once they are past their prime in their sports to live successful and meaningful lives as equine therapy horses.

Dealing with corporate groups for leadership and communication training along with veterans who are living with a range of challenges including PTSD and depression, June is creating noise in providing support in a format which otherwise isn’t available to these groups.

You can read more about the Duchess of Cornwall’s Country Champions on the below link.