With June Burgess


Horses for People - Leadership Workshops

We believe that the basis of leadership is awareness, communication, how we connect with others and then, how we engender respect and gain trust. To understand this and incorporate it into our everyday interactions, we need to receive clear feedback without judgment and nobody can deliver this in a palatable form as effectively as horses.


Horses for People - Leadership Workshops

Horses are quick to react to perceived danger but where no threat exists, go ‘back to grazing’.

We use the same principle focus on helping people to develop a less reactive approach to situations and how to connect with others to create and maintain better relationship.


Horses for People - Leadership Workshops

In a safe and peaceful environment, we recognise your strengths and develop your own identity so that you can make good decisions and choices in life. We investigate the importance of setting clear boundaries in relationships and illustrate that the most effective form of power is gentle but assertive rather than aggressive.

Mark Huddleston

Managing Director JHE Solutions Ltd and Skills Ambassador for NI
Fantastic learning experience, will not be easily forgotten and do practical. Hope we can be real ambassadors for you and team.

Heather White

Business Development Manager IoD Northern Ireland
Thanks to June for a super experience and for shining a light on our individual leadership qualities.

John Kelly

Company Director
I have completely reassessed how I approach my team and how I manage myself. No more micro-managing!

Deborah Sloan

Academic Programme Leader, Ulster University
Thank you for your kind words and also for your insights. As an organisation, we can look inwardly so much that it is good to have an external perspective and it is interesting that you picked up that those in Patrick's session felt well supported and privileged. Also, we tend to be hard on ourselves as an organisation, so lovely that you felt there was a positive energy which was unusual for such a large organisation.

Darren Clarke

Never Experienced a course like it. I arrived stressed and left motivated and appreciating my leadership skills.


Horses for People’s Back to Grazing
I attended the horses for people course in February 2020 and I found that the two days I spent there were very therapeutic and I am still using the techniques today for controlling my stress and anxiety the horses were very calming and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is suffering from any form of pts, stress or anxiety illness.


Horses for People’s Back to Grazing
I wasted a massive chunk of my life being chained to negative thoughts. I am determined to live the rest not like that. I started back to work 4 weeks ago on a phased return and started back fulltime today after being off for 9 months.I have came off antidepressants which i have been on for over 20 years. I am back training, running, kickboxing and slowly getting back in shape again. I have had moments when ive been apprehensive and I did cast my mind back to the days spent on the course with you and the horses. I remember lots from the course and the connection with the horses. So id say job well done. Keep up the amazing work. Thank you so much.


Horses for People’s Back to Grazing
It has had a profound effect on me believe it or not. Absolutely Positive.


Horses for People’s Back to Grazing
I will sum up in one word. Wonderful. I loved every minute of your insights and instructions. Your friendly staff and atmosphere are perfect and I felt immediately at ease, no easy task for me.


Horses for People’s Back to Grazing
Hi June, and thank you for your very kind remarks. I really enjoyed my time with you and your team; and with my two other friends on the course. And of course with all your beautiful horses and two little donkeys. It was so different to anything that I have done previously and I gained so much from it. I enjoyed listening to your guidance and training. It was great to see how you brought the three of us 'out' of our natural reticence in a very short time to be able to reveal our inner selves You are a wonderful facilitator and you have a great team there with your staff and all the lovely animals.

Kate Simpson

What helped significantly was the credibility of June as a business leader with relevant and interesting experiences, as well as the option to work with a selection of horses, all with different personalities, this combined with the option of using horses to facilitate team and individual learning, accelerates team connectivity, trust and understanding, and has resulted in an increased desire to learn and do more as a team.

Roseann Kelly

Women in Business
Very perceptive, engaging, encouraging and energising.

Christy Whitman

New York Times
June Burgess is a class act! She has proved herself in business, leadership and team-building in her own companies for many years and is now transferring her expertise to benefit others. I am amazed at how her horses demonstrate the qualities we are trying to emulate in life. June has a knack for inspiring others so if you want to set yourself apart then I highly recommend her horse-inspired programs.

Louise Patterson

June, you are truly inspirational and the outcomes you achieve are fantastic.

Karen Rodgers

Easily the best course I have been on. It felt very natural working through the tasks, even though it wasn’t in my comfort zone.

Glen Lowry

Greater Shankill Partnership
Setting is beautiful and automatically separates you from the grind of daily routine. I enjoyed the laid back style, free flowing conversion, this helped me to connect the models/theories to my own practice and experience. I felt I could push myself safely & comfortably but not beyond my limits. I found the experience very reflective and affecting. The setting was perfect for the level of disconnection needed, without feeling too remote. The horses were fascinating and very lovely, but being in such close proximity definitely pushed my comfort zone, which tied in well with the theory - it was a good risk-reward exercise.

Ollie Higgins

Learning about myself, my characteristics and conveying them through a horse is genius! Great to be away from the run-of-the-mill boardroom courses.

Peter Lyons

Learned that I am a leader and realised the tools I need to develop to be respected as one.

Didia Veron

Ipsen Group
You did very good work today. Congratulations! What we did today will be very constructive for our next steps.

Frankie Hill

Giant’s Causeway / National Trust
To apply what I learned to several situations already and I'm now very aware of my inner stance and how I approach things. In fact, I am blown away by the level of learning and awareness I achieved with you and the horses in just one short day. So, it is fair to say I am blown away by what was achieved at Ballygraffan the other day. I continue to feel more alive, encouraged, positive and optimistic than before I arrived as I recall the memory of the day and it is a great feeling! Thank you June... if your work affects others in the way it has affected me, please be assured that you are doing an amazing work for people.

Susan Hayes Cuttleton

It takes courage to take to the stage and share your insights from such a personal perspective. It takes time to really think about what you’re going to say. It takes heart to be inspiring to all 520 delegates in the room that day.

James Willis

It was so different to anything that I have done previously and I gained so much from it. I enjoyed listening to your guidance and training. You are a wonderful facilitator and you have a great team there.

Victoria Moore

Women in Business
June is very knowledgeable but allows participants to learn through their own experiences rather than by instruction. It was fantastic to see how team work is used in a very practical exercise, not just some contrived task.


The whole Team were really grateful for the opportunity to engage with yourselves in this very unique form of time out – (therapy, reflection, team connection, back to basics, team appreciation and leadership enhancement). I certainly feel that individually and collectively we all benefitted from the experience, and it is one that we will remember for a very long time. We have all taken a refreshing strengths based look at how we do our business, hold ourselves and self care. I really feel that the experiences with the horses and subsequent reflections will help us through those times of crisis in and out of work. So a very sincere Thank you from all of us, back here in our real world, trying to hold onto the “wisdom of the Geese”.