With June Burgess

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In a safe and peaceful environment, we highlight how capable you are and challenge negative perceptions so that you can move forward using the awareness gained in the programmes.

The emphasis is on recognising your strengths and developing your own identity so that you can make good decisions and choices in life. We investigate the importance of setting clear boundaries in relationships and illustrate that the most effective form of power is gentle but assertive rather than aggressive.

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Horses for People were visited by UTV Life to find out more about our courses and what happens during the exercises.


The approach came from our work with veteran organisations where there was a requirement to develop techniques to react appropriately to challenges, let go of anxiety and move forward with calmness and awareness. Or, as horses do in the wild, go back to grazing.

This approach has been so successful that we have broadened it to a wider audience who have current issues whether it is overcoming trauma, relationship or communication problems or simply wish to develop more effective life skills.

Our safe and gentle approach to it enables participants to work with our horses to develop techniques to help them make positive progress in life.


Horses for People - Workshops for Organisations

Living in such a relaxing environment and surrounded by horses at Ballygraffan has always been June’s secret weapon in tackling stress and maintaining a balanced perspective on life.

But it’s not just June, the mental and physical benefits of horses as facilitators are recognised, proven scientifically and long established.

Horses for People - Workshops for Organisations

Maintaining Resilience

Horses for People - Workshops for Organisations

The effects of having been exposed to traumatic events over a prolonged period can be extremely detrimental.

Horses provide a release mechanism and emotional support for anyone struggling with the pandemic but particularly front line and key workers, many of whom have faced intense emotional challenges and are trying to slow down again and adapt while others may feel exhausted, fearful and emotionally drained.

The workshops are outdoors where social distancing can be implemented and it is an opportunity to get out into the countryside, slow down, connect with the horses and get back in tune with yourself.

Horses help you to process the challenges, the stress and the anxiety and develop coping mechanisms so that you can continue in your role whilst looking after your own wellbeing.

The Ireland Fund’s visit to Horses For People to discover a programme created for Cooperation Ireland and Ardoyne Youth Club.


Horses for People - Leadership Workshops


June works with groups of up to 8 people.

June pours her heart into every workshop, selecting specific material and creating exercises that will be relevant to each member of a group and adapted to wherever the learning is. Each workshop is personalised.

Definitely not. In fact, people who are nervous of horses often gain the greatest confidence.

At June’s home farm at Ballygraffan, near Comber in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Only 20mins from Belfast but a world apart in terms of de-stressing. Ballygraffan is safe and private. 

We register individuals through referral bodies such as those registered and supported by Victims and Survivors Service. To find out more contact .

We work directly with many organisations to contact June direct for more information.